Global Health and Safety with mPassport

Our members have access to the most extensive health and safety resource available!

Travelers and expatriates need more than insurance - they need information and services to keep them healthy and safe. With the purchase of any of our Insurance products, you receive access to Global Health and Safety services.

  • Request an appointment and secure cashless access for care outside the U.S. through Direct Pay
  • Select a doctor, specialist or medical facility outside the U.S.
  • Translate medical terms and phrases in thirteen languages; audio feature allows you to play the translation
  • Show/fax/email card to providers
  • Access issues Guarantees of Payment
  • File a claim by entering information or sending a photo of a completed form*
  • View country and city level health and security profiles

*Available for long-term plans only

These apps are available through the App Store, Google Play and Amazon.

Appointment Scheduling and Direct Pay. Using the web, mobile device or the telephone, members can request appointments within our International Provider Community. When utilizing Direct Pay, we pay the participating providers directly.

Remember, all of HTH's travel insurance products include access to HTH's Global Health and Safety Services. For a quote on an insurance product, click here.