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Foreign NGO executive shot dead in Quiche department August 10

Category: Criminal Activity

Severity: 3 (Moderate)

Source: Drum Cussac

08/11/2020 (Guatemala) - The French director of an agricultural and animal health NGO was shot dead on Monday, August 10, in a roadside attack near the village of San Antonio Ilotenango in Quiche department. The Agronomes et Veterinaires Sans Frontieres (AVSF) executive was reportedly driving on a road near the indigenous village, around 90km (55 miles) northwest of Guatemala City, when his vehicle was attacked by unidentified assailants. The motive for the killing is currently unclear, but indigenous rights and environmental activists have previously been targeted in politically motivated attacks in Guatemala.
Police investigations into the incident are ongoing and localized disruption is possible in the San Antonio Ilotenango area in the near term.

Those in Guatemala are advised to monitor developments and avoid discussing sensitive political topics in public. Travelers in the Quiche department should consider reviewing security and local travel procedures following the incident.

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