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Airstrike kills 20 in Khub Washaf (Al-Jawf governorate) August 6

Category: Conflict

Severity: 4 (High)

Source: Drum Cussac

08/08/2020 (Yemen) - An airstrike against a vehicle convoy reportedly killed 20 people, predominantly women and children, in the Shaab Ahrad area of Khub Washaf district (Al-Jawf governorate) on Thursday, August 6, according to Houthi rebels and an aid organization. It is unclear who carried out the airstrike; however, the Saudi-led coalition carries out strikes against Houthi targets in the area.
Additional airstrikes are possible in Al-Jawf province and elsewhere in Yemen over the coming days and weeks.
Yemen is engaged in a complex and deadly conflict, ongoing since Houthi rebels entered into a civil war with the Yemeni government, supported by a Saudi-led coalition, in 2015. The Saudi-led coalition has carried out thousands of airstrikes in Yemen since its intervention began. Hundreds of Yemeni civilians have been killed in the strikes, which have hit schools, hospitals, and markets, in addition to Houthi militant positions and personnel. In total, more than 10,000 Yemenis have died in the fighting, and some 3 million have been displaced.

Due to poor security conditions, many Western governments strongly advise their citizens against all travel to Yemen. Travel to the country should only be considered with proper security protocols in place. Professional security advice and support should be sought prior to travel.

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