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Government and STC forces clash near Zinjibar (Abyan governorate) August 6

Category: Conflict

Severity: 3 (Moderate)

Source: Drum Cussac

08/07/2020 (Yemen) - Government troops and forces aligned with the Southern Transition Council (STC) clashed in the vicinity of Zinjibar (Abyan governorate) on Thursday, August 6. Fighting involving the use of heavy weapons was reported to the east of Zinjibar in the vicinity of Sheikh Salem and Al-Tiriya.
Further fighting between the two forces is possible in the coming days.
The fighting comes despite the rescinding on July 29 of a self-rule declaration which was made by the STC in April 2020 as the Saudi Arabian government attempts to facilitate the implementation of the November 2019 power-sharing agreement between the STC and the government. Negotiations aim to establish a new Yemeni government within the coming weeks, which will aim to represent southern and northern Yemen equally. On June 22, both the STC and the government agreed to a ceasefire in order to implement the deal, and Saudi-led coalition forces were deployed to monitor the ceasefire agreement. The STC and the government are nominal allies against the Houthis in Yemen's ongoing civil war.

Due to poor security conditions, many Western governments strongly advise their citizens against all travel to Yemen. Travel to the country should only be considered with proper security protocols in place. Professional security advice and support should be sought prior to travel.

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