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High profile talks to take place in Kabul August 7-10

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Source: Drum Cussac

08/06/2020 (Afghanistan) - President Ashraf Ghani is hosting a Loya Jirga (special assembly) at Kabul Polytechnic University in Kabul's Police District Five (PD5) between Friday, August 7, and Monday, August 10. Thousands of tribal elders and community leaders are expected to attend the meeting. The talks aim to discuss the release of Taliban prisoners, which has been a sticking point in the progression towards a peace plan proposed by the US in Doha in February. The government has so far pardoned 4600 of the 5000 prisoners agreed in the pact, and the talks will discuss the release of the remaining 400.
Due to the high-profile nature of the talks and its potential to be a target for those looking to destabilize the peace process, a heightened security presence, road closures, and security checkpoints are expected to be in place in the vicinity of the university. Associated disruptions are likely in the vicinity of the event in the coming days.

Those in Kabul are advised to exercise a heightened level of vigilance and situational awareness during the Loya Jirga and minimize non-essential movement in the vicinity of the gathering.
Travelers should anticipate a heightened security presence and associated disruption throughout the city and heed any directives issued by local authorities and their home governments.
The security environment in Afghanistan remains complex. Professional security advice and support should be sought prior to travel.

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