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Date Country
  10/25/2020 Authorities announce reopening of three border crossings from October 29 Jordan
  10/22/2020 Weekly Friday lockdown introduced until December 31 Jordan
  10/15/2020 Nationwide lockdown announced October 16 -18 Jordan
  10/14/2020 Record daily COVID-19 cases and deaths reported October 14 Jordan
  10/08/2020 Authorities to impose 24-hour curfew on weekends from October 9 Jordan
  10/06/2020 Lockdown in parts of Amman, Jerash, and Mafraq implemented from October 7 to 14 Jordan
  10/04/2020 King Abdullah accepts resignation of Prime Minister October 3 Jordan
  10/03/2020 Authorities to impose 24-hour curfew in Ain Al-Basha between October 5-12 Jordan
  10/01/2020 Authorities to impose full curfew restrictions in Al-Qasr between October 2-9 Jordan
  09/28/2020 Authorities reopen land border with Syria on September 27 Jordan
  09/18/2020 Authorities tighten COVID-19 restrictions nationwide September 17 Jordan
  09/16/2020 Authorities implement stricter COVID-19 restrictions September 17-October 1 Jordan
  09/11/2020 Explosions reported at military facility in Zarqa September 10 Jordan
  09/09/2020 Authorities implement nightly curfews as of September 9 Jordan
  09/02/2020 Authorities to reopen Amman Airport from September 8 Jordan
  09/02/2020 Demonstration scheduled in Amman for September 2 Jordan
  08/24/2020 Authorities to impose curfew and other restrictions from August 25 Jordan
  08/19/2020 Security forces detain protesters in Jerash on August 19 Jordan
  08/16/2020 Authorities impose restrictions and increase curfew hours in Ramtha August 17 Jordan
  08/12/2020 Authorities to extend nationwide nightly curfew from August 15 Jordan