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Date Country
  10/21/2020 Authorities ease some COVID-19 restrictions from October 20 Argentina
  10/19/2020 Anti-government demonstration scheduled in Buenos Aires October 19 Argentina
  10/15/2020 Pro-government rally scheduled in Buenos Aires for October 17 Argentina
  10/14/2020 Labor protest scheduled to be held in Buenos Aires on October 14 Argentina
  10/10/2020 Anti-government protesters to gather nationwide October 12 Argentina
  10/07/2020 Demonstrations scheduled in Buenos Aires and La Plata for October 8 Argentina
  10/04/2020 Nationwide strike scheduled for October 6 Argentina
  09/30/2020 Health workers to strike for 24 hours in Buenos Aires October 1 Argentina
  09/26/2020 Activists to gather outside Congress in Buenos Aires September 28 Argentina
  09/23/2020 Four forest fires burning in Cordoba province September 23 Argentina
  09/23/2020 Activists to protest in Buenos Aires September 23 Argentina
  09/23/2020 Authorities extend nationwide COVID-19 restrictions until October 11 Argentina
  09/21/2020 Tourism workers to protest nationwide on September 21 Argentina
  09/17/2020 Labor ogranizations call for protests nationwide September 17 Argentina
  09/16/2020 Strike planned in La Plata on September 16-17 Argentina
  09/16/2020 Anti-government protesters to gather in Buenos Aires September 16 Argentina
  09/14/2020 Activists stage anti-government demonstrations in Buenos Aires and other cities September 13 Argentina
  09/04/2020 Bus drivers to strike in Buenos Aires on September 4 Argentina
  09/03/2020 Protest scheduled in Buenos Aires for September 3 Argentina
  08/31/2020 Environmentalists to demonstrate in Buenos Aires and other urban centers August 31 Argentina