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Date Country
  10/23/2020 Authorities extend curfew in the Greater Tunis Area until November 6 Tunisia
  10/16/2020 Anti-lockdown protest expected in Tunis on October 16 Tunisia
  10/13/2020 Protest scheduled in Tunis for October 16 Tunisia
  10/13/2020 Protesters clash with police in Sbeitla on October 13 Tunisia
  10/10/2020 Authorities announce additional regional restrictions October 9 Tunisia
  10/08/2020 Overnight curfew to be imposed in Greater Tunis from October 8 Tunisia
  10/04/2020 Additional COVID-19 restrictions implemented October 4 Tunisia
  10/02/2020 Authorities impose nightly curfew in Monastir and Sousse provinces until October 15 Tunisia
  09/30/2020 Protest scheduled in Tunis on September 30 Tunisia
  09/17/2020 Activists to protest in Tunis September 17 Tunisia
  09/15/2020 Activists plan protest in Tunis September 15 Tunisia
  09/12/2020 Recent heavy rains kill at least six September 12 Tunisia
  09/08/2020 Islamic State claims Sousse knife attack on September 6 Tunisia
  09/07/2020 Activists plan protest in Tunis September 7 Tunisia
  09/06/2020 Security forces kill militants in Akouda (Sousse region) September 6 Tunisia
  08/29/2020 Authorities impose curfew in Kef province until September 7 Tunisia
  08/26/2020 Authorities extend curfews in El Hamma and El Hamma West until September 3 Tunisia
  08/21/2020 Authorities impose curfews in El Hamma and El Hamma West August 21 Tunisia
  08/17/2020 Demonstration planned in Tunis for August 18 Tunisia
  08/15/2020 Travelers from France, Belgium, and Iceland to present negative PCR test on arrival as of August 15 Tunisia