Missionary medical and health insurance plans
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No Other Company Does More To Keep Global Missionaries Safe

HTH offers programs ranging from annual international medical insurance for extended missionary work to short-term travel medical policies. HTH travel medical and international health insurance plans offer flexible plan designs so you get the benefits you need with the freedom to choose qualified doctors, hospitals and health services anywhere in the world.

All plans are backed by emergency medical evacuation insurance, ensuring access to a center of excellence in the event your missionary work takes you off the beaten path.


Long-term International Health Insurance (> 6 months)

Renewable international medical insurance inside and outside of the U.S.:

  • unlimited lifetime maximum
  • Range of deductible options -- deductible always waived for office visits with participating physicians
  • No waiting periods associated with preventive services
  • Covers illness or injury resulting from terrorist attack
  • Affordable monthly premium with no surcharge

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Short-term Travel Medical Insurance (< 6 months)

For trips ranging from 1 day to 6 months outside the U.S.

  • $1 million policy maximum
  • Range of deductible options
  • Covers illness or injury resulting from terrorist attack

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