Why should you buy our Worldwide Coverage excluding the USA?

Here are some reasons you should consider this health plan:

Reason 1: Medical Expense Coverage

During your international experience, you may need to see a doctor, have a prescription filled, receive care at a hospital, or deal with an unexpected medical emergency.

The Medical Benefits provided under these plans can help protect you against these unforeseeable circumstances.

Reason 2: Medical Evacuation and Other Coverages

In addition to Medical Benefits, these health plans provide other valuable benefits, including:

  • Medical Evacuation Coverage, to transport you to higher quality medical care in the event of serious illness. Medical evacuations can cost $25,000 or more.
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Coverage.
  • Optional Pharmacy Coverage, which includes coverage for prescription medications outside the U.S.

Reason 3: Access to Quality Care

Our members have access to an elite network of doctors from most every specialty ready to see you in over 180 countries. Only a small fraction of doctors around the world meet our exacting standards-participation is by invitation only. We seek out professionals certified by the American or Royal Board of Medical Specialties who speak English, and we factor in recommendations by over 160 Physician Advisors from all over the world.

We assemble in-depth provider profiles so our members can choose with confidence, and we put formal contracts in place to ensure preferred patient access. Our doctors and hospitals bill us directly so you don't have to worry about filing a claim.

Reason 4: Our Global Health and Safety Resources.

In addition to high quality insurance coverage and medical care, expatriates and international travelers need knowledge and information. When you enroll in these plans, you gain access to our powerful Global Health and Safety Resources. These online assistance tools, backed up by 24 hour a day customer service, provide daily health and security alerts by emails, and detailed description of health facilities and security information, by destination. In addition, translation databases are available for brand name drugs and medical terms and phrases. Click here to view the Global Health Tour. For a complete description, visit Global Health and Safety Resources.