Navigator FAQs

  1. Who is eligible to buy the Navigator Plan?

    The Navigator plan is available to Career Missionaries, Maritime Crew Members and Students or Faculty coming to the U.S. to Study. See the Eligibility page for details.

  2. Why would I want this insurance if the country I am going to offers me National Health Insurance?

    National or Public Health Insurance can be very different to what most Americans are used to and can be of limited service for mobile citizens. Many public plans offer less in terms of medical services than what is covered under a private plan. In particular, public plans generally only cover you in your host country or region. For an expatriate that travels for business or returns home throughout the year, benefits stop at the border. When covered under a national plan you may not have access to the leading private facilities or specialists. You may experience different treatment protocols or long waiting periods for elective surgeries. It is unlikely you will be covered for medical evacuation benefits under a public health plan. With a Navigator plan you are covered all around the world with comprehensive coverage and access to the best treatment options. If you select one of our plans with the US coverage area, you are free to return home for treatment and to convalesce. You can also keep the coverage for up to 9 months upon repatriation, guaranteeing future insurability. Purchasing plans that are U.S. Admitted, like Navigator, offers better benefits, unrivaled networks and a high degree of consumer protection.

  3. Am I guaranteed to be issued a Navigator policy if I apply?

    No, Navigator is not a guaranteed issue plan. Each application is medically underwritten. Your application may be 1) accepted, 2) accepted with a rate increase due to your health status, or 3) denied.

  4. Is the quote I receive binding?

    No, the quote you receive is not binding. The quote you receive may not apply if 1) you misstated a material fact on your application, or 2) we increase the rate due to your health status.

  5. When determining a rate while overseas, what zip code should I use?

    Policies for applicants residing outside the U.S. are issued through the Global Citizens Association office in Washington D.C. The zip code that applies is 20036. Please enter "20036" or "0" in the quoting tool if applying online while living outside the U.S.

  6. How long will the medical underwriting process take?

    The underwriting time frame depends on the medical history listed on the application. Turnaround can be as quick as one day or as long as one month. Our commitment is to respond to a submission in writing within 3 - 5 business days. This may mean that we send a request for additional information to the applicant, such as a specific medical questionnaire, or notify the applicant that he/she erroneously missed a question on the application form. Occasionally we have to obtain medical records from hospitals or providers. Our turnaround time in these situations will depend on how quickly the provider responds to our request.

    If we receive the application before the requested effective date, we can honor the effective date even if the approval comes through thereafter.

  7. Once I'm approved for coverage do I have to go through medical underwriting again?

    You do not need to go through medical underwriting when you re-enroll into your current plan design without changes. You may be medically underwritten again if you decide to select different benefits (see below). Plan changes can only be requested at time of re-enrollment.

    If a member would like to increase benefits (by lowering a deductible) they must complete a new application. If a member would like to reduce their benefits, they do not need to complete a new underwriting application.

  8. How do I calculate out of pocket expenses and the annual limit?

    Out-of-pocket expenses are defined as the expenses a member incurs when satisfying the plan’s deductible and coinsurance requirements. The deductible and coinsurance level varies based on where treatment is delivered as shown in the table below. The total annual out-of-pocket expense limit is calculated by adding the deductible and coinsurance maximum together. In this example, it is $2,250. Deductibles must be satisfied before any benefit is paid. Coinsurance is applied as a percentage of the payable medical charges. This percentage is only applied to care delivered inside the U.S. and varies depending on whether the care is delivered in-network or out-of-network.

    Table illustration

    Plan 1,2,3,4,5
    Deductible Coinsurance Maximum
    Outside U.S. Network U.S.out of Network
    250 $125 $250 $500 $2,000

    Out of Pocket Expense Example

    Member is covered under the Navigator 250 plan and receives services from an in-network hospital in the U.S.

    Payable medical expenses are $20,000, the $250 deductible must be satisfied, and 20% coinsurance applies.

    A member is only responsible for $2250 in out-of-pocket expenses. This is due to the fact that there is a Coinsurance cap of $2,000.

  9. How are the deductible and coinsurance calculated for families?

    Deductibles reflected in the Navigator plan grid are per person deductibles. For a family, the maximum deductible and coinsurance are increased by a factor of 2.5., regardless of the size of the family. For example, a family covered under the 250 plan pays a maximum deductible of $625, calculated by multiplying $250 (per person) by 2.5. The coinsurance maximum is $5,000, calculated by multiplying the coinsurance maximum of $2,000 (per person) by 2.5. The family’s annual out-of-pocket expenses limit is $5,625 ($625 + $5,000).

  10. Will my policy automatically renew? At what rate?

    You can enroll in a Navigator policy up to age 75. The policy does not automatically renew upon your request. You will be notified of your new plan rate at least 30 days prior to your policy expiration date. You must confirm your new policy rate in writing or by accepting the rate when logged in to our secure website. Plan rates are based on age at time of enrollment and are impacted by medical inflation. You will not be asked any medical questions and your personal health history will not determine your new rate. Navigator rates are standard rates for all members re-enrolling.

  11. When does my coverage end?

    We may terminate your policy if:

    1. You no longer meet the eligibility requirements
    2. You fail to pay your premium
    3. We discover that you committed fraud or misrepresented a material fact to us
    4. We terminate the plan in your geographic service area

  12. Will my pre-existing condition be covered under a Navigator plan?

    If you were previously covered by a group or individual U.S. health plan that issues you a Certificate of Creditable Coverage, underwriting will apply this prior coverage to the pre-existing conditions waiting period, provided you meet our medical underwriting criteria. We will also consider private health insurance issued in other countries as creditable coverage. There are several reasons why coverage would not be considered creditable: 1) The medical benefits are too low 2) We do not consider National or Public Health Insurance as creditable coverage 3) There is a time lapse where there was no coverage up until your effective date of your new plan.

    The number of months of coverage shown on the Certificate will reduce or eliminate the 12 month pre-existing condition waiting period. If you have 12 or more months of creditable coverage, your waiting period will be eliminated. If you have less than 12 months creditable coverage, your waiting period will be reduced by the number of months you had creditable coverage. For example, if you have two months of creditable coverage, your waiting period will be reduced from 12 months to 10 months.

  13. How do I access participating medical providers outside the U.S. and avoid claim forms?

    When outside the U.S., we have a network of doctors that includes almost every specialty you may need in over 180 countries. Only a small fraction of doctors around the world meet our standards - participation is by invitation only. We seek out professionals certified by the American or Royal Board of Medical Specialties who speak English, and we factor in recommendations from over 140 Physician Advisors from all over the world. Then we assemble in-depth profiles so our members can choose with confidence, and we put formal contracts in place to ensure patient access. Once they've seen you, our doctors bill us directly so you don't have to file a claim.

    Direct billing can also be requested by calling the assistance telephone number listed on your member ID card, or by emailing Please note that in the U.S. a member can simply show their ID card at time of service and participating providers will only bill the member for any required deductible or co-payment.

    A claims instruction page is available online and can be accessed by visiting Claim forms are downloadable from this section of the site as well.

  14. I purchased a plan, but would like to cancel my insurance prior to its expiration. Is there an enrollment minimum? Will I have to pay any cancellation fees?

    At the time of enrollment, HTH has a 6 month enrollment minimum. However, customers are not locked into a 6 month contract. HTH understands that life plans change, therefore we allow our members to cancel any month they choose with no cancellation fees or penalties. All cancellation requests must come from the insured subscriber and be received by HTH in writing via email, fax, or regular mail. HTH does not refund premium for a partial month. Retroactive cancellations are not permitted.

  15. Are acts of terrorism covered under this plan?

    Yes. The Navigator plan does not exclude illnesses or injuries related to terrorism or a terrorist act. In order to be covered in countries where there are open hostilities, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, a member must not be engaged in hostile or combative activities.

  16. How are medical evacuation decisions made?

    The evacuation benefit pays for a medical evacuation to the nearest Hospital, appropriate medical facility or back to the U.S. Transportation must be by the most direct and economical route. All evacuations require written certification by the attending physician that the evacuation is medically necessary.

  17. How do I qualify for maternity benefits?

    After 364 days of continuous coverage, Navigator members may apply for a new plan that covers maternity costs up to $25,000 per pregnancy for all inpatient and outpatient care related to a covered pregnancy. This is inclusive of pre-natal care, delivery and post-natal care. Note: a newborn may be added to the plan within 31 days of birth with no medical underwriting.

  18. What is the Global Citizens Association?

    The Global Citizens Association (GCA) is a non-profit association located in Washington, D.C. serving the needs of the globally mobile with the goal of helping its members successfully pursue international living experiences through safe and healthy world travel that increase cross-cultural understanding.
    Founded in 1994 to serve international students, the GCA has grown to encompass world travelers and expatriates in all corners of the globe. The Association has sponsored GeoBlue and affiliated insurance programs for travelers for more than 25 years and is organized as a not-for-profit corporation under the laws of the District of Columbia. More information can be found here:

  19. Does this plan meet the Affordable Care Acts requirement for Minimum Essential Coverage?

    This plan does not provide Minimum Essential Coverage and therefore does not meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Coverage by the insurer can be 1) accepted, 2) accepted with a rate increase, or 3) denied based on the health history of the applicant(s). A waiting period for pre-existing conditions applies unless you have 12 months of prior creditable coverage. There is no tax penalty for purchasing this policy if you are outside the U.S. for 330 days or more in a calendar year.

    Visit Affordable Care Act FAQ's for more information.

  20. How do I order my prescriptions when I need them?

    Your (GeoBlue or HTH) Navigator plan comes with outpatient prescription drug coverage up to 100% of actual charges up to an annual max of $5,000 (90 day Max - Insurer waives deductible)

    To access prescription drugs at a retail pharmacy inside of the U.S.;
    Locate a participating pharmacy online at Present your medical ID card to the participating pharmacy and pay your copay.

    To access mail order prescription drugs outside the U.S.;
    Outside of the U.S. your benefit is pay and claim. To obtain a claim form, you may:

    Visit Online: Visit to download a claim form.
    E-mail: E-mail an EPS representative at and request an electronic order form be emailed directly to you.
    Phone: Call an EPS representative to order within the U.S. at 540-777-1450; Hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm EST, USA.

  21. Does this plan meet all Schengen Visa requirements?

    Yes, HTH plans meet all of the Schengen Visa requirements. If you will be traveling to any of the countries within the Schengen area and depending on your nationality, you may be required to show proof that your insurance plan has certain benefits. HTH can provide you with a Visa letter that you can use as proof to show the consulate that your policy meets all the Schengen visa requirements. The Visa letter contains all the specific wording the consulate is looking for.

    The countries within the Schengen area requiring a short-stay visa and proof of insurance include Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France and Monaco, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. See the most current list of countries within the Schengen area and find out which nationalities require a visa and Schengen travel health insurance.