Quality and Convenience: Services You Can Rely On

Our Worldwide Members benefit from our ability to pay contracted providers directly for services. Now you can access care outside of the U.S., without hassles or red tape.

Claims Process outside the U.S. (1-2-3)

We contract with world class providers in over 180 countries. By visiting a contracted doctor or facility, we are able to arrange Direct Pay* and help members avoid paying up front for services.

4 easy options to arrange medical services and enjoy Direct Pay::

  1. Download the mPassport app and schedule your appointment
  2. Visit our Member Services area and log in
  3. Call 1 + 610-254-8771 for assistance
  4. Email globalhealth@hthworldwide.com with your request

*Please note: Direct Pay may not be available in every situation.

You are free to use providers outside of our community. When you do so, please pay for outpatient services and submit a claim to us. Upon request, we will make our best effort to arrange Direct Pay with a non-contracted facility.

Claim Form: Outside the U.S. Claim Form