Benefit Schedule

Offers 100% coverage across most benefits. All plan options have an Unlimited Lifetime Maximum and a $250,000 maximum benefit for emergency medical evacuation.

Features Benefits
Lifetime Maximum per Insured Person Unlimited
Annual Maximum per Insured Person Unlimited
Preventative and Primary Care Insurer waives deductible
Preventative Care For Babies/Children: (Birth to Age 18)
  1. Office Visits/examination
  2. Immunizations, Lab work & X-rays
Preventative Care For Adults: (Age 19 and Older)
  1. Routine Pap Smears, annual mammogram
  2. PSA For Men
  3. Annual Physical Examination/Health Screening
  4. Diagnostic lab work & X-rays
Primary Care Office Visits All except a $10 copay per visit 1
Professional Services Insurer Pays After Deductible is Met
Surgery, anesthesia, radiation therapy, in-hospital doctor visits, diagnostic X-ray and lab work. 100%
Inpatient Hospital Services Insurer Pays After Deductible is Met
Surgery, X-rays, in-hospital doctor visits, Organ/Tissue Transplant 100%
In-patient medical emergency 2 100%
In-patient drugs 100%
Ambulatory and Therapeutic Services Insurer Pays After Deductible is Met; Unless Noted
Ambulatory Surgical Center 100%
Ambulance Service 100%
Accidental Dental $1,000 per year, $200 per tooth
Acupuncture and Chiropractic Services 100% up to $2,000
Durable Medical Equipment 100%
Infusion Therapy 100%
Physical/Occupational Therapy
deductible is waived
$50 limit per visit, 12 visits per year
Rehabilitation and Therapy Insurer Pays After Deductible is Met
a. Inpatient Mental Health
100% up to 60 days
b. Outpatient Mental Health
75% up to 40 visits/60% thereafter
c. Inpatient Substance Abuse
100% up to 60 days detox
d. Outpatient Substance Abuse
75% up to 40 visits/60% thereafter
Prescription Drug Benefit Options Insurer Waives Deductible
Basic Prescription Drug Benefit (Pay and claim benefit only) 100% of actual charges up to $1,000
Optional Prescription Drug Benefit, Subject to $25,000 Maximum per Insured Person per Policy Period 100% of actual charges
Global Travel Benefits Insurer Waives Deductible
Medical Evacuation Up to $250,000
Repatriation of Remains Up to $25,000
Accidental Death and Dismemberment $50,000
Plan Options Essential1,2 Deductible 3
Elite $0
250 $250
500 $500
1,000 $1,000
2,500 $2,500
5,000 $5,000
Plan Options Select1,2 Deductible 3
Elite $0
2,500 $2,500
5,000 $5,000

1. Copay waived when visiting a contracted provider.
2. Emergency room visits that do not result in inpatient admissions will be subject to a $50 penalty.
3. Deductibles are Per Person per Calendar Year. A family is charged a maximum of 2.5 deductibles.

Additional services provided

 Ready access to quality care

  • Access to our global community of carefully selected, contracted hospitals, physicians, dentists and behavioral health professionals in over 180 countries
  • Detailed provider profiles
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Direct Pay to providers
  • Emergency evacuation services
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 mPassport and Global Health and Safety Resources

  • Convenient mobile app makes it easy to identify, access and pay for quality healthcare around the world
  • Request appointments and arrange Direct Pay
  • Find local equivalency and availability for your medication
  • Translate medical terms and phrases in thirteen languages
  • Country and city-level health and security profiles
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For Exclusions and Limitations see the Essential Plan Description or the Select Plan Description.

Ten Day Money Back Guarantee
YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED. We are so confident in our products that we offer the best guarantee in the business! If you are not completely satisfied with our product, simply return your Certificate or Policy of Insurance and Description of Emergency Medical Evacuation and Other Services within 10 days of receipt and include a letter indicating your desire to cancel. If you have not already left on your trip or incurred a claim, you will receive a full refund.